father's day screenprints

here are the shirts i made last year for father's day gifts. i designed them in photoshop and used my yudu to create the screen and print them. i have to give credit for the idea to my sister-in-law: she didn't come up with the saying, but the idea to put them on shirts for gifts. the saying...well, my husband started that one. i'm not sure when it started exactly, but when tooting his own horn he liked to joke and say "busy being right." he thinks he's hilarious, and of course his brother thought it was great too. somehow it started turning into a thing. then, one day on vacation, my husband did something really nice (not sure if he caught a fish or fixed the causeway or what exactly) and my daughter responded by saying "daddy is busy being best." haha, so cute, but of course that sealed the deal on that phrase. so then my sister-in-law thought it would be a fun idea to give our husbands shirts that say "busy being right." and give the kids shirts that say "my daddy is busy being best." it was a great idea and really sweet for the kids' shirts. now, i should think of a good one for the women :)
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