pillow mattress

i had plans to sew from scratch this cool mattress that accordian folded up so it could be a chair too. well, i decided i did not have time for that, and remembered seeing the pillow mattress idea on pinterest. first, i looked thru all our linens actually thinking that i might have enough old pillow cases and pillows to make this for free. but alas, i could not find any two pillow cases that were the same size and no extra pillows. so i found the cheapest pillow cases i could on amazon - plus i love how these ones zipper, keeping more dirt out and the cheapest pillows i could find. i used 4 pillow cases and pillows to make this mattress and it's more than enough for our tall girl. i prewashed the pillow cases and simply sewed the sides together - being careful to have all the zippers on the same side of the mattress and in the same direction (not that it matters for functioning, but still, why not.) and that's it, it's done. and it's great being able to fold up two of the pillows making it into a pseudo lounge chair as well. and it can get dirty and easily thrown into the washing machine.
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