bachelorette party favors

i recently hosted a bachelorette party for my soon-to-be sister-in-law (haha, that's a lot of hyphens.) we started off at the spa where each girl had a couple of services done and we socialized and had apps and champagne. i had a pedicure and my first facial; it was lovely, i think i will do that again. then we went back to my house and had homemade pizza and ice-cream sandwiches (complete with heart shaped sparkler for the bride-to-be) and finished the evening with a viewing of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (i love that movie, perfect for a girls' evening.) so the favors i put together were somewhat spa inspired and gem influenced (i also had gem shaped ice-cubes for the party.) the favor bags included: a ring pop; toe separators; OPI nail polish; acrylic "diamond" ring; almond flavored diamond cookie; and a lotion bar. i got the acrylic rings on fab.com; the ring pops from b.a. sweetie; nail polish and separators on amazon; the delicious and beautiful cookies on etsy; and i made the cherry pop lotion bars.
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