peyote stitched dice purse

years back i had started making this purse for a potential vegas trip. the whole thing is done with the peyote stitch and seed bead size delica beads (i believe size 11/0). i'm not even sure how many little bags of beads i used to create this. i would estimate the size to be around 5" square a side. i had finished all the pieces and parts years ago but never got around to assembling the purse. i have a tendency to do that - creating all the pieces and then setting aside for five plus years before i do the tedious task of finishing something. so recently, i just refound the pieces in my art room and finished it up and lined the inside with a satin white fabric and heavy cardstock walls. the purse handle is just something that i found at joAnne's fabrics. now, i just need an excuse to use my newly finished dice purse.
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