feeling squatchy?

my nephew just had a birthday and he is often looking for sasquatch. so we put together a sasquatch themed birthday present for him. it included an awesome bigfoot metal lunchbox, a bigfoot gentlemen bendy doll, bigfoot bandaids, and this plush ragdoll that i made. you can make one too: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3907165. i made this one out of faux suede which gives it a soft feel and it washes wonderfully. his shirt says "don't stop believin'" haha and there's a bigfoot silhouette on the back of his shirt. he does have big feet and big ears and a funny little tushie. his arms and legs are pretty long making him even sillier. i am working on making a yeti version as well: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3985196.


art deco table numbers

here's another piece of my in-laws wedding that i created. the look of the wedding was art deco inspired. on natural colored tags i hand lettered the table numbers with my micron pens. i used my light table to help me line up each tag so they came out similar and the numbers were relatively centered. and then each card got a unique art deco inspired doodle frame. i really enjoyed making these and love how they turned out. they were then hung on colored mason jars filled with big flowers (i don't know what any flower types are named, but they were pretty) along with pom pom flowers that sarah created.


the wedding book

it's been a year and a half now since my brother-in-law and now sister-in-law got married and i still haven't gotten around to posting about all the different details and designs from the wedding. i probably never will show it all - partly because i didn't think to take pictures of everything. the wedding was an art deco styled peacock-colored theme/design with hand lettering on everything. my process for all the hand lettering went from sketchbook to pen on tracing paper to computer and then print. when all was said and done i took all the tracing paper original pen designs and bound them in a book. i placed the cardstock that was used to print each page throughout the book separating the tracing papers. for the fabric cover: i drew a design by hand; redrew it on the computer; colored it; then had it printed on a linen-cotton blend fabric. i used thin board to build the book cover gluing the fabric to sectioned pieces. i lined up all the tracing paper designs (including every single original design from the wedding: the save the dates, invites, response cards, directions, soap labels - everything) with the cardstock paper and used c clamps and flower press boards to hold them together. i added thin layers of pvc glue along the one edge of all the papers - lots of layers over a lot of time to build up that binding. i then added those little fabric tape end pieces (i can't remember what they call those in the bookbinding world, but they look really nice.) and finally attached the book cover. i was proud of how it turned out and i've always wanted to try my hand at bookbinding. it's a fragile book (the pages could easily rip out like a notebook) but i thought it was a really nice gift to commemorate their wedding.


monsters hockey print

tonight is the last home game of the season for the lake erie monsters. at a game earlier in the season the spokeswoman or commentator (not sure what her title would be) had on a wide neck sweatshirt with an all black monsters logo print on it. i really liked it and looked in the team shop for it and online but it must have been an older style that they didn't carry anymore. so i decided to make my own. bella has a line of sweatshirts that are soft and a wider neck than normal - they're not wide enough to go fully eighties but i like them. i got alex and i these grey with black sleeve ones - they don't have them in youth but i get her a small and it works (she's practically swimming in it but whatever.) i found a logo online and made a screen for it and printed us our own apparel. i made john one on a long sleeve grey shirt. i will still support the team shop but i wanted this particular look and couldn't find it there so this time i crafted my own. go monsters, great season.


beaded harlequin cuff bracelet

i don't often bead anymore - either a cat is attacking the thread or for years a toddler made it difficult and then there's the time it takes along with all the other projects in process. well it's been years since there was a toddler trying to "help" but it's still hard to find the time. but here's a fun bracelet that i managed to complete. i started this project years ago when planning alex's carnival birthday party. my original plan was to make a little clutch purse - haha, obviously that didn't happen. i made my own peyote stitch graphing paper and created this harlequin pattern. i have a pair of harlequin tights that were somewhat of my inspiration. these are all the seed bead size delico beads. they're really nice to work with and all so even in size. i stitched this using a peyote stitch. well, the birthday party came and went and i only really finished about an inch of the intended purse. so i decided to turn it into a bracelet. i finished off the weaving of the beads and then added a crimp clasp eye on both ends and added a hook. and called it done. i recently started a new beading project of a tubular peyote stitch - hopefully to become a long flapper style or lariat necklace. i was aiming to get it done by a certain time but it is slow moving so i don't think i will finish in time for the event i had in mind, but i will continue and maybe in 5 years i'll have a finished necklace, hahaha.


adipose softies

doctor who is full of so many fantastic characters and monsters and wonderful things. one of my favorite episodes is "Partners in Crime" with the baby fat, adipose. this is also the episode where the doctor (david tennant, 10th) reunites back up donna noble (catherine tate - one of my fave companions.) and the adipose are so darn cute. yes they are baby fat that pops right out of the people taking the weight loss drug from adipose industries, "where the fat just walks away". haha. alex and i each wanted our own stuffed adipose dolls. so i found a basic pattern on pinterest and made a few changes. i forgot to add a seam allowance to the arms and legs so those could have been chunkier and easier to turn and stuff. alex didn't want them to have toes and fingers, which is just fine with me and i didn't give them a baby tooth. i used safety eyes and embroidery floss for the face and some leftover white felt that i had on hand. i thought about stuffing them with those plastic bean bag pellets, but i stuck with regular fluff stuffing. they're so cute. they are currently hanging out on our shelves with the 11th's screwdriver and the faux balloon dog, but i'm sure they will watch new episodes with us when season nine returns. *waving at fat.


Happy 10th Anniversary new Who!

yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the reboot of Doctor Who - the day when we met the 9th doctor (he's great) and rose tyler (also great.) alex and i each celebrated the anniversary in small ways. i think the 9th doctor is great, btw; people seem to skip over him for some reason, but he was fantastic! the first picture is a screenprint i made on sweatshirts for both alex and i (sorry i don't have a better picture of our sweatshirts.) we first splatter painted with some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. then i screenprinted a fun quote from the 9th doctor to rose, "did i mention it also travels in time." alex wore her sweatshirt yesterday - i would have, but i already got a spot on mine so it isn't work worthy anymore. i did however wear my tardis arm warmers and my adipose shirt to abs class; "the fat just walks away." the other picture is my bitmap who bag. spoonflower has been testing out patterns: you pick a bag or a shirt pattern then a design and they send you fabric with the cut and sew shirt or bag with instructions ready to go. i was in the test group. i made a shirt (which i still have yet to take a picture) and this bag. i used the faux suede fabric and it was so easy to sew together and it's a great size. i wish i could have scaled the graphics down in size to work with the pattern better, but the whole cut and sew bag thing is still in development. oh, i also used my sonic screwdriver pen all day :)
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