Sugar Softie

last year i made a halloween skeleton softie and i think he turned out adorable. so this year i turned her into a sugar skull softie. you can buy the fabric here: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3565824
the fabric comes with a reversible dress to make and some flowers to attach to her head and the eyes are little soft pillow attachments as well. here you can buy the original halloween skeleton softie fabric: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2380735
they look great together too - my daughter says they are to be married now :)


calaveras fabric design contest

i'm in another fabric design challenge this week and the theme is calaveras. or probably better known as sugar skulls. the top two rows are of my original hand drawings. i then turned them into a pattern with some fun doodles and webs as space fillers. i was envisioning this fabric as a cute dress or a fun peplum top as my inspiration. Go vote for me here:
mine is called sugary skulls by kfay.


jig making

for john's birthday, i got him some stuff to get started on making his own jigs (he asked for it - i wouldn't have know what to get or that you even could make your own.) he already was tying his own flies and this took it to another level. i was so impressed and they look great. so he had a mold - that thing with handles that folds in half; lead; melting pot; and hooks. we watched some youtube videos first to make sure we knew what we were doing - i was just there for support; john did it all. so you heat up the mold, melt the lead, lay your hooks into the mold, pour the lead into the mold, and cut off the excess lead. very cool. later he paints them and does the feather tying and such. and a little lead made a lot of jigs. i might be forgetting a step or two, since i was just the observer, but that's the gist and i love the pictures of the molten lead being poured.


bear hoodie

this picture is way over-exposed, but i took it real quick with my phone and did an awful job of it. but the hoodie is super cute (and the kid :).) so i crocheted alex this hoodie cowl with ears. how great will this be during the extreme cold winter we're going to get again this year. i am planning on making one for myself as well, but in greys and without the ears (alex said it would be a little weird if mine had ears - basically she called me too old for ears, haha.) this hoodie would be the perfect pattern as well for an ewok costume - just make the hood part a burnt brown/orangish color with the ears brown - it'd be perfect. it's a little big on alex - i made her an adult size since she's always had a larger head than average - but there's still plenty of room now to add earmuffs or layer another hat when it gets really cold out. she wore it yesterday to school and i guess it was a big hit among all the adults :)


love tattoo headband

there's a magazine that with every issue you get a little craft packet project - Mollie Makes magazine. these are great little projects to pack in our "at the cabin" art bin. i especially liked this project: a retro tattoo heart brooch. and i do love a good brooch, but i hate putting a pin thru my clothes, so i thought i'd make this one into a headband instead. so everything you need to make this is in the little packet - except the pattern to cut out the pieces! that is in the actual magazine, which i didn't have, so i freehand cut out the heart and the flowers and banner and letters. i also glued some little jewels onto the flowers. i added a little padding inside the heart as well (which didn't come in the packet, but the image looks like it's stuffed a little.) and finally i sewed the heart onto a skinny elastic headband via a circle felt piece. i love it! i will definitely be sporting this on valentines day.


month of drawing: week 4 (last week)

this set of drawings/doodles is from the last week of the month of drawing challenge. the theme of the week was cityscapes. by this time in the challenge i was just ready to be done! it was getting harder and harder to fit in drawing time and keep up with the challenge. i wanted to finish the entire thing though so i kept going. so the daily prompts were: skyline; taxi; map legend; landmark; and selfie. eh, i'm not a big fan of this set, but the taxis are kind of fun, and the cleveland skyline is ok. i don't think i've ever drawn a person (other than the live model sketching in art class ages ago), but i think the selfie turned out alright. well, the challenge is done; i had fun and i'm glad i did it!


month of drawing: week 3

here's my set of sketches for the spoonflower month of drawing week 3. the general theme was animals. by the 3rd week it was getting really hard to keep up with fitting in drawing time every day, but i kept going. i like the cat.
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