more ampersands

i've been busy doing all sorts of things and a lot of things i just can't post about - they'll be presents or they're not done and so forth. so instead of something brand new, here's some more ampersands that i've been making (and my favorite coffee mug in the corner.) my first ampersand mold broke - the top hole ripped out of the mold. you can see a few ampersands in the picture where the top hole is filled in. i got a few made that way and painted in that top piece - i like the look. and i made a new mold. this one is a double mold so i can make twice as many, but it didn't turn out quite as deep. they're still cool, but not quite as sturdy as the original set. but they still stand and they can hang out on a shelf or desk just fine. i tried some different colors and paints this time, but mostly had some yellow orders to fill. the black one is actually plastidip, which i've been wanting to play with but hadn't gotten around to it. i don't have one pictured here that i made completely black with plastidip (by accident.) i was dipping that one and dropped it so i went all in and covered the whole thing in black. also you can't really see the one with the top hole painted in red (actually it's glitter red) has the back section (not bottom) dipped in red which i think turned out nice - that's the one i kept for myself and is sitting on my shelf.


john's fishing pillowcase

i made john his very own pillowcase! so i have a tardis pillow, alex has an r2d2 pillow and now john has a fishing pillowcase! i incorporated a jig based on the ones john makes himself. it's a moonlit scene of catching a fish in action. then if you flip to the inside you reveal the words "master baiter" - haha, because he's so good at baiting fish! :)


doodled shoes

i finally made a pair of doodled shoes. i have been wanting to do this forever and i've had those white shoes for years and just never got started. i couldn't decide what to draw. also, i had bought alex a pair of the natural colored toms for the art bin for our cabin vacation. i always pack a big bin of arts and activities and surprises for our vacation in canada - alex always is looking for arts and crafts to do and that's on a sunny weather day; if it rains for a week straight i need lots of activities to keep her from going stir-crazy. so we had fabric paint out one day at the cabin because we were freezer paper stenciling shirts and i decided on a whim to pull out our shoes to put down a layer of color before our doodles. alex's favorite color is green so of course she chose that and i'm a big fan of neon :). we let the paint dry and then just started drawing on them with fine-point sharpies. alex drew a picture of our dog and wrote all sorts of words about friends and family - very cute. i went with a sunflower theme and just doodled flowers everywhere there was paint (i did not cover the shoes in yellow - the heels are still white and a little of the sides.) i like how they turned out and i'm happy that i finally went ahead and started them. now i'm too scared to wear mine!


raggedy man ragdoll

i made a new cut-and-sew fabric that you can purchase here: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2905705 to make your very own eleventh doctor! haha, isn't he cute? and on a yard of fabric you get all the pieces to make the raggedy man ragdoll with bowtie, his sonic screwdriver (one side it's closed and flip it over for the open screwdriver in action), and of course, a fez. he's an easy project to sew and so fun. as soon as i finished making this doctor, alex wanted to know who got to keep him, haha. of course i let her have him and she took him on vacation and everything.


snowflake hair pins

alex is going to be elsa for halloween this year (probably along with every other little girl in the world.) we got a great dress from disney on sale already (although i took off the stupid medallion of elsa on the costume.  i don't really think if you're dressed up like the character that you should have a picture of the character on the actual dress.) i just bought some glitter toms on ebay for her to wear; they are the perfect shade of glitter and they will be really comfortable for her to trick-or-treat in (much better for her than those dress up shoes, which she'd end up complaining about.) she just had to have the gloves too, even though elsa doesn't wear the gloves once she's wearing the blue gown, but hey, it's cold in october so why not. alex keeps going back and forth on whether or not she wants to wear a wig, but she has been growing out her hair so she can donate it when it's long enough, so i bet we can get an elsa braid with her natural hair. once elsa is the snow queen she has that big side braid and it's filled with snowflakes, so i decided that's where i can customize alex's costume a little. so i found some small silicone molds of various snowflakes and made a bunch of resin snowflakes. i just used clear resin and mixed in irridescent glitter. i think they turned out fabulous. i then glued them to miniature bobby pins (colored for blonde hair.) i made a whole bunch of them so now we can braid her hair and put snowflakes all over her head. and we got tickets for frozen on ice, so i told her she can wear the full costume again when we go to that :)


droid bag

while i was at it with the droid pillow case, i made a shoppping bag droid as well. he's so cute and i think he's perfect for carrying electronics and gear when needed (or of course any market goods.) i want to make a boba fett bag and pillow case now, but alex wants me to make a furry chewbacca pillow case!


r2d2 pillow case

i enjoy having my tardis pillow case so much i wanted to make more - i think it's fun having pillow cases that don't match your bedding and you always know which one is yours! alex has been watching and enjoying the star wars movies with me. she even asked to go see star wars 7 in the theater with me - yay! so...i made her an r2d2 pillow case. pillow cases are so easy to make too, especially if you have a serger - not to much cutting of fabric and only a few seams to sew and you're done. alex says she loves her new pillow case :)
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