droid bag

while i was at it with the droid pillow case, i made a shoppping bag droid as well. he's so cute and i think he's perfect for carrying electronics and gear when needed (or of course any market goods.) i want to make a boba fett bag and pillow case now, but alex wants me to make a furry chewbacca pillow case!


r2d2 pillow case

i enjoy having my tardis pillow case so much i wanted to make more - i think it's fun having pillow cases that don't match your bedding and you always know which one is yours! alex has been watching and enjoying the star wars movies with me. she even asked to go see star wars 7 in the theater with me - yay! so...i made her an r2d2 pillow case. pillow cases are so easy to make too, especially if you have a serger - not to much cutting of fabric and only a few seams to sew and you're done. alex says she loves her new pillow case :)


bitmap who tea towel

this was fun to make: a bitmap doctor who tea towel designed for a linen cut of fabric. you can buy the fabric here at http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3062726. it took quite some time to layout all those tiny little bitmap squares but it looks so fun. i love using this towel. complete with a bowtie, two hearts, cybermen, daleks, a weeping angel, tardises, and of course some sonic screwdrivers.


ping pong paddle taxidermy

the main part of our lettering trend group's gallery show was ping pong paddle art. we each made at least one ping pong paddle piece and then we filled out the gallery with whatever artwork we wanted to contribute: i made those concrete ampersands. there's some really nice paddles in the show with beautiful lettering and painting and illustrations. i made plush taxidermy deer with my paddles! i named them too: isi and ofra. i cut the paddles to be a little more crest shaped and then painted in a cartoony wood grain look. with bakeable clay i made their name plates and glued those on to the handles. i hand stitched the deer using felt, polyfil, and their eyes and noses are those plastic safety eyes and noses. and i mounted them with screws, cardboard ovals, and hot glue. i think they're cute and they sold on the first day of the show :) yay (thank you, elizabeth.)


concrete ampersand

i believe i've mentioned before that i am in the lettering trend group at work. also at work, we have an art gallery that rotates every 2 to 3 weeks. well, the lettering trend group is having an art show starting next week in the gallery - woohoo. the main part of the show is ping pong paddles - i'll show what i made for that part of the show next week maybe. in addition to our ping pong paddles we were each going to make another piece or pieces to fill out the gallery. these other pieces could be whatever we wanted and not limited to type or lettering. i'm not really a painter (in fact, i am really good at messing up with paint and getting it everywhere except where it's supposed to go) and i wouldn't call myself an illustrator, so i made little sculptures or knick knacks or thingamabobs. i decided to play with making molds and pouring concrete. i've never worked with either one (unless you count patching up the causeway at the lake with concrete.) my molding compound is OOMOO silicone mold-making rubber. i got a cheap cake mold as my molding tray. i found a little kraft paper ampersand that i really liked the shape of and decided to use that as my base. the hardest part of making the mold was that paper ampersand wanted to float to the top of the silicone. so the mold making didn't go as i envisioned in my head, but in the end it worked out great. then i got smooth stepping stone concrete, an old beach pail and a paint stirring stick. the concrete is easy to mix and pour - the only trick there was to not mix too much concrete each time (i made a few garden stones with the extra.) each one took about 24 hours to dry and they were easy to pop out of the mold. i left some of them blank and glued on some rubber silicone feet so they don't scratch up your shelves or desk or what not. then on some i dipped them in neon paint. the paint was a little tricky because it wanted to crack as it dried, but with the cracked ones i just dipped them once or twice more and they turned out. so, if you happen to be in the building head on up to the gallery next week to check these out or buy one for yourself.



alex and i built terrariums last week! i absolutely do not have a green thumb; alex and john are my resident gardeners. but i like terrariums and they are more resilient than other gardens (although i have managed to kill bamboo and cactus before which i hear is kind of hard to do.) we shall see how long i can keep these alive. we made three different terrariums. i bought my jars over time from different sources like joann's and online and such. i also bought the little figures and such over time from different sources. then i bought the rocks and charcoal and soil and moss as a kit and i bought a few succulents and a violet for the largest jar. for the scenery figures we had some zombies for the largest jar, a tardis for the tall skinny jar (the tardis lights up, but the switch is on the bottom so we probably won't ever get to it again), and a deer and ladybug and plastic trees for the little mason jar. i created the zombie and tardis terrariums while alex built the deer one. first were the rocks, then the charcoal, and soil. then i planted the succulents and the violet to the large jar and then (water soaked) moss to all three jars. after they were all planted we added our figures. they're supposed to be easy to take care of, but as i say that i realize i haven't checked all week on them to make sure they're wet enough! haha, i'll try to remember tonight :)


tardis pencil case

it's bigger on the inside; tardis pencil case. about a year ago i made a foxy pencil case for a spoonflower contest...alex liked that so much that she claimed it as hers and has been using it at school ever since. i still might have to make another one of those for myself since it was so cute, but in the meantime i made myself a doctor who tardis pencil case-yay! it's a police box on the outside, but when you unzip you can see the interior of the TARDIS. you can find the fabric here: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2901609 to make your very own. i wouldn't call this a beginner sewing project, but if you know your basics this case is easy enough to make. and it's the perfect size for a set of drawing markers.
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