month of drawing: week 4 (last week)

this set of drawings/doodles is from the last week of the month of drawing challenge. the theme of the week was cityscapes. by this time in the challenge i was just ready to be done! it was getting harder and harder to fit in drawing time and keep up with the challenge. i wanted to finish the entire thing though so i kept going. so the daily prompts were: skyline; taxi; map legend; landmark; and selfie. eh, i'm not a big fan of this set, but the taxis are kind of fun, and the cleveland skyline is ok. i don't think i've ever drawn a person (other than the live model sketching in art class ages ago), but i think the selfie turned out alright. well, the challenge is done; i had fun and i'm glad i did it!


month of drawing: week 3

here's my set of sketches for the spoonflower month of drawing week 3. the general theme was animals. by the 3rd week it was getting really hard to keep up with fitting in drawing time every day, but i kept going. i like the cat.


month of drawing: week 2

for week 2 of the spoonflower month of drawing challenge the main theme was lettering. you still got a daily prompt of inspiration, but they were all meant to have lettering incorporated in them. i love lettering, so this was my favorite week i think. i like most of what i made this week too. i already have digitized the dreamers of dreams one to use on a sleep mask design (i'm working on a whole set of lettering designed sleep mask fabric.) i love the dreamers one, but my favorites out of this group are the lemon and the toast. the "that's my jam" cracks me up every time i look at it - i love having these in a sketchbook, but i might have to recreate a couple of these in order to frame.


month of drawing: week 1

in august, i participated in the spoonflower month of drawing challenge. every day you got a prompt as to what to draw and you posted your drawing with #spoonchallenge. i'm really not an illustrator, but i do enjoy doodling and rarely find time to do it. i thought this would be a good way to give me subject ideas and give me some accountability to keep up with it for a month. some days were harder than others with working full time and then taking alex to activities and school starting and dinners to be made and lunches and bath time and you get the idea. but anyways, i did it! even if i only have a short amount of time to draw, i found a way to fit it in. so here's the first week of the challenge, top to bottom. the prompts for the first week were: 1. cactus; 2. mountains; 3. trees; 4. landscape; 5. river. there are definitely drawings during the month that i liked and some that i really hated and didn't even want to post, but i did anyways. in this batch i like most of them, my least favorite being the mountains. i think i like the gang of  cacti best :) although i might spend some time and redraw the trees one to frame as maybe a future anniversary gift or something (thanks pennycandy for that idea.)


more ampersands

i've been busy doing all sorts of things and a lot of things i just can't post about - they'll be presents or they're not done and so forth. so instead of something brand new, here's some more ampersands that i've been making (and my favorite coffee mug in the corner.) my first ampersand mold broke - the top hole ripped out of the mold. you can see a few ampersands in the picture where the top hole is filled in. i got a few made that way and painted in that top piece - i like the look. and i made a new mold. this one is a double mold so i can make twice as many, but it didn't turn out quite as deep. they're still cool, but not quite as sturdy as the original set. but they still stand and they can hang out on a shelf or desk just fine. i tried some different colors and paints this time, but mostly had some yellow orders to fill. the black one is actually plastidip, which i've been wanting to play with but hadn't gotten around to it. i don't have one pictured here that i made completely black with plastidip (by accident.) i was dipping that one and dropped it so i went all in and covered the whole thing in black. also you can't really see the one with the top hole painted in red (actually it's glitter red) has the back section (not bottom) dipped in red which i think turned out nice - that's the one i kept for myself and is sitting on my shelf.


john's fishing pillowcase

i made john his very own pillowcase! so i have a tardis pillow, alex has an r2d2 pillow and now john has a fishing pillowcase! i incorporated a jig based on the ones john makes himself. it's a moonlit scene of catching a fish in action. then if you flip to the inside you reveal the words "master baiter" - haha, because he's so good at baiting fish! :)


doodled shoes

i finally made a pair of doodled shoes. i have been wanting to do this forever and i've had those white shoes for years and just never got started. i couldn't decide what to draw. also, i had bought alex a pair of the natural colored toms for the art bin for our cabin vacation. i always pack a big bin of arts and activities and surprises for our vacation in canada - alex always is looking for arts and crafts to do and that's on a sunny weather day; if it rains for a week straight i need lots of activities to keep her from going stir-crazy. so we had fabric paint out one day at the cabin because we were freezer paper stenciling shirts and i decided on a whim to pull out our shoes to put down a layer of color before our doodles. alex's favorite color is green so of course she chose that and i'm a big fan of neon :). we let the paint dry and then just started drawing on them with fine-point sharpies. alex drew a picture of our dog and wrote all sorts of words about friends and family - very cute. i went with a sunflower theme and just doodled flowers everywhere there was paint (i did not cover the shoes in yellow - the heels are still white and a little of the sides.) i like how they turned out and i'm happy that i finally went ahead and started them. now i'm too scared to wear mine!
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