cat cave

i crocheted blizz (blizzard) a cat cave! i found a free pattern thru pinterest - i think it led me to ravelry, but not sure. i made the cave out of recycled t-shirt yarn that i bought on etsy - which is why it's every color you can imagine, but hey blizz doesn't care about that. i didn't weave in any of my loose ends either. i just made sure they were all on the inside and i tied a knot at the end of each strand; i figured blizz would enjoy playing with the strings and he does. he loved it so much he was trying to lay in it as i was actively crocheting it. after a few weeks of having it, he's hit or miss with it. he still uses it, but not all the time. and in the last picture you can see that lonnie is a little jealous that he doesn't have a giant dog cave to crawl into and sleep all day.


Valentine's Mail Box

it's valentine's day! almost. and alex had to make a valentine's box for school. so i made the basic structure of it for her and then she decorated it (i didn't get a picture after she decorated for some reason, but she covered it in stickers: hearts and hello kitty galore. oh and her name in letter stickers.) i started with a basic shoe box. in the lid part i cut 3 the top and the sides of the mail slot, leaving the bottom of slot uncut. i cut out a little notch in the top of the mail slot so she could open it. then i cut with some scrap cardboard a section for the inside of the slot to stop it from opening at a certain distance. it's basically a strip of cardboard about 2 or 3 inches wide and folded for 3 sides (you can see the two inside sides in the bottom picture - the side you can't see is just the back strip.) and i cut the ends at a slight angle. i taped this cardboard strip to the inside of the mail slot and tested it. then i covered the entire lid and bottom of the shoe box with hot pink duct tape. alex wanted a working mail flag so i cut out a flag with the scrap cardboard and covered that in hello kitty duct tape. then i just riveted the flag to the side of the box. it was kind of fun to make, even though the duct tape was a little tedious to do, especially around the mail slot. alex loved it and enjoyed decorating it and says that many of her friends liked hers best. now to fill it with valentines and treats.


new nephew gift set #2

a couple weeks ago i showed you a very hungry caterpillar sleep sack and cap that i made for my new nephew: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2015/01/new-nephew-gift-1-very-hungry.html and here's the set i gave when he was actually born. i hand lettering and screenprinted 3 onesies for him. we're in ohio hence the locally grown design: i think that's my favorite one. although i thought i was pretty funny making the "full of shits and giggles" - haha get it? babies are full of shits and giggles :) and then there's the "i wake up awesome" which is just fun (it could have printed better; the fine lines didn't work great, but i still like the design.) and i made him another crocheted cap - this one is sized for a one year old though so he can get to it when he's bigger. i thought it was a fun hat, but let me tell you before you venture into making one that those fringe are a pain in the ass. they aren't hard to do, but they took forfreakingever. i seriously almost gave up several times because i just did not enjoy making the mohawk part. but i did it, it's cute, and i added one of those awesome "this took forever" labels on the inside. i love those labels (got them on etsy) and i am going to be adding them to almost everything from now on :)


bowling party goody bags

this year alex had a bowling party with her girlfriends for her birthday. they had a great time. here are the goody bags i put together for the girls. since there weren't going to be any boys invited, we went with a full on pink and black retro look. (i never took a picture of the invites, hmmm - i'll have to check to see if i still have any.) i designed the bags; created a pink gingham background and drew some bowling pins and pink bowling ball designs. had them printed on cotton fabric. sewed them up and added pink twine drawstrings. i also put the fabric up for sale on spoonflower so you can make your own pink bowling goody bags at http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3321750. then i filled them with fun bowling themed goodies. i found these little bowling pin pens; a mini bowling set; bowling themed temporary tattoos; and i bought bowling ball cake pops on etsy. the girls all seemed to love them.


new nephew gift 1: the very hungry caterpillar

i just became an aunt again! and of course i made a few new baby gifts - i'll have more in future posts. the first gift i gave - i made it a christmas gift; prior to him being born - was a very hungry caterpillar hat with body sack (i don't really know what to call the sleeping bag blanket body part) along with the board book. i made it for a newborn size. as i was making it i kept thinking this sack thing looks so comfortable, could i make an adult size caterpillar sack, haha. it was easy to crochet and i think it turned out so cute. we shall see what the little one thinks of being put in this though :)


new year's birthday cupcakes

alex's birthday is new year's! woot woot. so i made cupcakes with the ball drop - i thought i was so clever. i used silver everything: foil cups; silver sprinkles; and silver edible spray for the balls. i got stirrrer sticks that are usually used for making rock candy for the pole. we made chocolate cupcakes since that's her favorite with chocolate frosting. and the balls are just donut holes that i sprayed silver. i thought they turned out cute and were so easy to make.


secret santa work stocking exchange

every year for our work holiday luncheon, we create a craft of some sort. then wrap it up anonymously and exchange. we've done ornaments and frames thus far and this year we made stockings. i didn't take a picture of the original natural colored canvas stocking, but you can see a little in the bottom image (it's basically the lining of my stocking.) i started by gathering supplies that i already had at home and went from there. i hand beaded all the snowflakes onto grey felt - i made those while playing passenger on a car trip. i then stitched my snowflakes onto this beautiful silk teal fabric (leftover from the flower girl dresses i made last year.) then i added some crazy fur trim - that matched beautifully with the grey felt. then i stitched the outer stocking to the original canvas stocking liner. my favorite part is the label that says "this took forever" - haha, i got those on etsy and i plan to add those to most of my handmade goody gifts. i think it turned out alright and i think the girl who ended up with my stocking likes it. i picked out a wonderful stocking with an illustration of Yukon Cornelius from rudolph.
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