bowling party goody bags

this year alex had a bowling party with her girlfriends for her birthday. they had a great time. here are the goody bags i put together for the girls. since there weren't going to be any boys invited, we went with a full on pink and black retro look. (i never took a picture of the invites, hmmm - i'll have to check to see if i still have any.) i designed the bags; created a pink gingham background and drew some bowling pins and pink bowling ball designs. had them printed on cotton fabric. sewed them up and added pink twine drawstrings. i also put the fabric up for sale on spoonflower so you can make your own pink bowling goody bags at http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3321750. then i filled them with fun bowling themed goodies. i found these little bowling pin pens; a mini bowling set; bowling themed temporary tattoos; and i bought bowling ball cake pops on etsy. the girls all seemed to love them.


new nephew gift 1: the very hungry caterpillar

i just became an aunt again! and of course i made a few new baby gifts - i'll have more in future posts. the first gift i gave - i made it a christmas gift; prior to him being born - was a very hungry caterpillar hat with body sack (i don't really know what to call the sleeping bag blanket body part) along with the board book. i made it for a newborn size. as i was making it i kept thinking this sack thing looks so comfortable, could i make an adult size caterpillar sack, haha. it was easy to crochet and i think it turned out so cute. we shall see what the little one thinks of being put in this though :)


new year's birthday cupcakes

alex's birthday is new year's! woot woot. so i made cupcakes with the ball drop - i thought i was so clever. i used silver everything: foil cups; silver sprinkles; and silver edible spray for the balls. i got stirrrer sticks that are usually used for making rock candy for the pole. we made chocolate cupcakes since that's her favorite with chocolate frosting. and the balls are just donut holes that i sprayed silver. i thought they turned out cute and were so easy to make.


secret santa work stocking exchange

every year for our work holiday luncheon, we create a craft of some sort. then wrap it up anonymously and exchange. we've done ornaments and frames thus far and this year we made stockings. i didn't take a picture of the original natural colored canvas stocking, but you can see a little in the bottom image (it's basically the lining of my stocking.) i started by gathering supplies that i already had at home and went from there. i hand beaded all the snowflakes onto grey felt - i made those while playing passenger on a car trip. i then stitched my snowflakes onto this beautiful silk teal fabric (leftover from the flower girl dresses i made last year.) then i added some crazy fur trim - that matched beautifully with the grey felt. then i stitched the outer stocking to the original canvas stocking liner. my favorite part is the label that says "this took forever" - haha, i got those on etsy and i plan to add those to most of my handmade goody gifts. i think it turned out alright and i think the girl who ended up with my stocking likes it. i picked out a wonderful stocking with an illustration of Yukon Cornelius from rudolph.


flowery headband from scraps of fabric

spoonflower has this awesome (relatively new) fabric called faux suede. it's super soft and washes great. i had some scraps of fabric leftover from some project so i decided to make alex another headband. i have some headband blanks (that teal part: which is basically thin elastic with a circle of felt.) i had enough scrap fabric for cutting out 6 circles (approximately 3 inches in diameter.) then you just fold the circles in half and then in half again and glue them onto the headband blank. easy and cute.


lego trays

here's another idea i got from pinterest. they're lego trays. so kids can build and play right onto the tray and then easily move it and clean up when need be. there were a lot of people on pinterest who made custom size trays to fit the base boards (which are 10x10) but i went even easier than that. i made two different style trays. i bought 3 of the green lego base boards in 10x10. on amazon i found a plastic green tray that measures 12x12 that i ordered. then i found a large wooden tray on hobby lobby to make a double wide lego tray. then i simply glued the base boards onto the tray using e6000 glue. i put some heavy books on top overnight to make sure they dried completely flat and voila they were done. easy and inexpensive.


doctor who peg people - kid craft

just a quick post to show this awesome set of peg people that alex made (she's almost 8, so i'm quite impressed with these.) she is working on making more but was limited by the color of markers and wasn't willing to compromise on gray to make a weeping angel or cyberman yet. i love how she even improvised a little wood slice for a fez for the doctor himself. so creative. side note: i think the silence is her favorite doctor who villain.
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