i sprouted!

sprouts have long been a staple in john and my diets. i think i got hooked on them with my first earth day bagel from bagel and deli in oxford, ohio. yum yum yum. in the past few years they have disappeared from our grocery stores and sandwich shops and everywhere i've looked. i guess people aren't cleaning them and are subsequently getting sick. we've been missing sprouts and then about a week or so ago john said i wonder if we can make our own sprouts! it had never dawned on me that we could. and guess what? they're super easy. so i set out to research the best ways to do it and decided on this tray system. it came with some alfalfa seeds and i also bought a salad seed mix which consists of broccoli, radish, alfalfa and clover seeds. this tray system has three stacking trays so our first go i did two trays of alfalfa and one tray of the salad mix. i'm so excited. in less than a week we have a ton of sprouts ready to eat and they look delicious. i'm going to start new batches this weekend and keep experimenting with some different seeds and beans. they're healthy, delicious and easy - plus they go with everything!
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