i made devil sticks!

otherwise known as juggling sticks or flower sticks, but i've always called them devil sticks. i used to have a pair in college, but i don't recall what happened to them. i've been wanting to make some for a while now and finally did it. i made a set for alex and a set for myself. i followed instructions that i found on instructables. the one thing i would change is that i would have covered the juggling stick completely instead of that criss cross pattern. they said it wouldn't make a difference in how they perform, however they are a little slippery in between the innertube. i got some dowel rods and cut one long and two shorter sticks for each set. i got a couple of bicycle innertubes for wrapping and for the end tassles, electric tape and push pins. they were fun to make and relatively easy. they are going to take a lot of practice before i or alex can do any tricks - we are still trying to volley the juggling stick. but it's a fun outdoor activity that doesn't require a lot of room, they're easy to travel with, and you don't need anybody else in order to play. i particularly like how alex's pair (the green ones, of course) have some of the innertube print still on the tassles.
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