knit collage scarf

my mother-in-law gave me two skeins of yarn for my birthday (or maybe christmas, i'm drawing a small blank there) of this fantastic orange chunky yarn. the color is called sugar magnolia and it has little bits of accessory flair hand tied throughout each skein of yarn! it's such fun yarn, when you first see it you might think muppet mermaid hairdo, but it's really cute, fun yarn (and who doesn't love the muppets?). it's chunky yarn, so i used size 15 needles (even though i believe it recommends size 10) and that scarf is only 10 stitches wide. it's not a long scarf, but it's fun and bright (and i love color) and thick and cuddly. i think it turned out well, thanks for the yarn, bopey.
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