refinishing the dollhouse: painting part 2

i finally got around to white washing the whole interior of the dollhouse and touching up the trim and steps on the outside. wow, the interior took 3 coats of paint to get it covered (had to cover up the old wallpaper that didn't scrape off completely and the wiring). and i didn't do the best job with the windows as you can see but the windows are so damaged anyways that i'm kind of ok with that - maybe i'll be able to scrape some of that off later. alex helped me paint the insides and the window frames and such. she has been bugging me to be able to play with the dollhouse a lot lately, which obviously has a lot of work still to do on it, but i feel bad taunting my daughter with this great toy that she can't even touch yet, so right now my goal is to hurry up and get this into playing condition. next step is roof, then painting accent walls and fireplaces and then flooring.
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