the red queen's crown

i know this doesn't look anything like the red queen's crown from either the cartoon or the live-action movie, but i'm not a big fan of gold and didn't particularly want to craft this skinny tall crown and then try to figure out how to keep it on my head. i'm the red queen for alex's birthday party and she told me i needed a crown so i decided to make my interpretation of a crown that i would be willing to wear and that would be comfortable. i'm also hoping that during dress-up times i can wear this hat now instead of the child sized tiaras that i usually have to wear that are too small and dig into my head. this was a pretty easy crown to make and the longest part was hand sewing the details and trim. i got this silver vinyl fabric from the store, i cut two long pieces that would be long enough to fit around my head - one piece wider and longer than the other. i cut out poster board to the size of what i wanted the finished piece to be. i glued the larger piece of fabric to the poster board - folding over the edges like wrapping a present. i then glued the smaller piece of fabric to the other side covering up the seams and inside part of the crown. i then glued the ends together and held them until dry with some binder clips. i found some silver trim in the ribbon section of the store and hand sewed on the top bead strand and then the silver band at the bottom of the crown. i was going to add more embellishments to make it more red queenish like a red heart button or something, but then i decided to keep it general thinking a simple silver crown might have the opportunity to get reused at some time.
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