carnival themed hip bag

last week i was so busy i literally did not find time to fit in a post. most of the reason i was so busy was because i was prepping for my company's "yawpfest", which is our glorified company picnic basically. i was on the committee this year and things get crazy towards the end. the event was yesterday though and it went so well. the theme this year was "The Great Carny Takeover" and went to Swings n Things and had all sorts of events and awesome food and ended the evening with a fantastic local band, the Spazmatics. so my job yesterday was working the go carts. i knew i wasn't going to have any pockets and didn't want to shove my phone in my back pocket all day so i decided i needed to make myself a fanny pack. yes, i was rocking the eighties yesterday, but i think i updated the fanny pack a little and it was so handy to have. the color scheme was yellow and white stripes and red and white stripes overall but outside of the event i thought that would make the hip bag look a little too ketchup and mustard/mcdonalds so i added the teal accents which make a little dr. seussy but i like it. i based my measurements off of the length of the zipper and the size of my phone. i drew up a pattern on some paper and cut. i lined the inside with yellow and white striped fabric, added teal piping, attached the bag to 1" cotton webbing with some d rings and added a belt clip. it was really easy actually and it fit me perfectly. then i had to match my polish to the theme, i received so many compliments on my nails :)
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