i came across some fun looking flasks a while back and decided i wanted to make my own. i've never really needed a mini flask but hey, they're fun, why not? so i found this mini plain stainless steel keychain flasks that are 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes. i started with cutting out some decorative paper (the orange plaid paper is actually printed of my desktop printer). i glued those papers onto the blank flasks using some mod podge. then i drew some shapes in illustrator to cut out of vinyl sticker paper - i made a bird, a bass fish (for my husband) and a bow. i stuck those on the flasks and then all was left was to coat the flasks so they could be washable. i used several layers of mod podge gloss coating over the entire flask paying special attention to the top and bottom seams where the paper ends. notice my fancy drying line in the top photo where i hang stuff over the kitchen sink to dry. the mod podge sealant should then set and dry for thirty days before you actually get them wet. i also took off the keychain part of the bow flask and replaced it with a chain so that one is a long necklace. the fish one is for my husband, the bow one is for me and the bird one is reserved as a gift for someone. they're fun and cute and i think would make great gifts for all sorts of events. 
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