modular origami ball decorations

i love origami but i usually feel like what's the point or what am i going to do with it once i'm done. that's why i find it so nice to use origami as an excuse to make party decorations. alex's beach birthday party this year has the blue, orange and white color scheme so i used solid origami paper in those colors for all the pieces. alex will be turning 5 this year, and there happens to be 5 arms on our dining room chandelier, so i made 5 origami balls. two of the balls require 40 pieces of folded paper while the other three only required 6, 6 and 24. if you fold a few pieces almost every night while watching tv and teaching your kid how to do beginner folds you'll be done in no time. i found some polka dot grosgrain ribbon in blue and orange that i glued into each ball to hang them from the arms of the light. i tried to keep them relatively short so that they don't interfere with people's point of view while eating at the table, but they had to be long enough to fit over and around the light in order to hang them and i wanted them to hang at different lengths as well. alex really likes them too and loves to do origami herself. she's working thru a beginner book with mostly animals and has mastered the dog and cat already.
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