GBF plush

last year my friend commissioned me to make him a christmas gift for someone - it was nice, he asked me rather early in the year knowing that i create all kinds of craziness for myself before the holidays. he wanted to give his friend a GBF doll, or Garrett Bobby Ferguson, or Giant Bearded Face. He's a character (see top left screenshot) that i believe only appeared once on the "Regular Show." he's basically a giant floating head with little arms and legs that come out of his beard. i think he's an angry character but of course i made him cute. i was going to use actual doll arms and legs to make him a little creepy but that didn't look right. so, his main body and arms and legs and awesome ears are made out of felt. his hair and beard are two different kinds of fur (and again, fur is so messy to work with. no matter how carefully you cut there ends up being little strands of fur everywhere.) the eyes are felt with little black plastic safety eyes for the pupils. and finally the teeth are foam. i love the teeth, he looks so fun and goofy. the base part of gbf is a gumdrop shape, but with all the hair he came out looking like a big round ball. i started by cutting out all my pieces for the main shape and hair and eyes. i fabric glued on the hair and eyes to make it easier to top stitch into place. i stitched on the teeth with the sewing maching (which works a lot easier than you might think.) sewed his ears and put together the body. after the whole body was put together i created the little arms and legs and hand stitched those onto the body. i believe the recipient enjoyed getting gbf for the holidays. i'm pleased with him and would like to play with that basic shape some more for other projects, with teeth of course.
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