baby boy shower gifts - part 2

so, here's the rest of the baby boy gifts that i made for my sister-in-law. first, on the whole top row, is the crocheted viking hat that i made - isn't that the cutest thing ever? in fact, it's so fun and cute my friend who is a minnesota vikings fan wanted one for himself (i'll show you that one another time.) i'm not highly accomplished in crochet so it took me a minute to understand the pattern, but i got it after a few tries. the horns are filled with stuffing - i cannot wait to see the baby wearing this hat (it is for around 6 months old or so though, so i'll have to wait a bit on that.) now for the onesies/shirts. the two with appliques had a little logo on them that i wanted to cover up and screenprinting wouldn't have done that, so i added a pocket to the business tie onesie and a sherriff star to the bandana onesie. i love that sherriff onesie, i screenprinted the red bandana and then stitched/appliqued on the star with scrap fabric i had. the tie is also hand stitched/appliqued on with some fun scrap fabric i had and the pocket is actually a functioning pocket (although rather small, not sure what you'd fit in there.) the keg stand shirt is actually printed upside down like it's shown here - because of course if the little tike was doing a keg stand then the shirt would read rightside up. i love the rocket print, and in fact made one for alex also on an extra shirt i had for her. i experimented with alex's version a little with some glow in the dark paint which did not turn out quite right but still pretty awesome and she loves it. the "argh...change me booty." is fun and i think my skull is pretty darn cute. and finally the "i cry when ugly people hold me" is just good old funny. i want to make a version for myself that's slightly different, since i don't make a habit of letting people hold me :)
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