monday manicure

my hunger games nails! yay, i went and saw the movie yesterday, which i rather enjoyed. there were a couple of things that i missed from the book, but those were mainly parachutes, so overall i really liked it. i braided my hair like katniss' also and painted my nails in a girl on fire theme. the pictures here really don't do them justice, they're quite striking in person if i say so myself. i started with the orange as my base coat, which is china glaze riveting. then i painted over the top halves of my nails with the glitter polish which is china glaze electrify. the next day, when my nails were fully dry, i added the black parts. which is actually a really dark blue with a subtle glitter in them. the dark color is china glaze smoke and ashes. they are all from the hunger games line of polish. to make the flames i cut out pieces of blue painters tape and then did one nail at a time peeling off the tape right way after applying the polish. they came out wonderfully. the blue painters tape worked so well i plan to experiment more with polish masking.
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