Ribbon Headbands

alex had one headband that she seems to like more than all others and it was a simple ribbon one, so i decided to make her several more to add to her collection. they were really easy to make and very quick. i bought some 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon and 1/2 inch elastic. first, cut a 15 inch length of ribbon and a 5 inch length of elastic. i lightly burnt the ends of the ribbon and the elastic to prevent any fraying. then i simply stitched the elastic to the ribbon - i folded the ribbon in kind of a z shape around the elastic end - see the above green headband. and that's all! i did embellish a few with bows. i started off only adding a bow to one of them, but alex liked it so much that she had me add one to some of the others. to make the bow, i cut a 7 inch piece of ribbon and a 2 1/2 inch piece of ribbon. use the longer piece to make the loops and then wrap the short piece around the middle and glue. i used liquid stitch to glue the bow pieces together and then also to attach them to the headband. i'll probably make a fabric version next and play with some fun fabric flowers to embellish.
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