alex's garden

for a while now i've been seeing all these pallet recycle projects and kept wondering where everyone was getting all this free wood. then one day on the way home from work i saw a sign that said "free pallets"! right around the same time, maybe even same day, alex was talking about how she wanted her own garden. so my husband went and picked up some pallets for us (i have more projects planned with these.) together the two of them built this planter box/garden. i, myself, have no green thumb whatsoever - i've managed to kill some cacti and bamboo - both i hear are relatively easy to keep alive. i do love the benefits of gardens though, so it's wonderful that my husband and my kid are great gardeners. the planters box is two pallets wide. they took planks from the bottoms and finished off all the sides. they lined the ground with newspaper and placed the pallets on top of the paper. filled each pallet with potting soil and planted. every single thing has sprouted! in the garden, alex planted sunflowers, basil, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, marigolds and alex was adament about having strawberries in her garden. now all we have to do to finish up the garden is to make the sign; alex wants it to say "alex's farm" or "garden" - she keeps changing her mind.
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