pallet table

when i discovered that i could get all the pallets i wanted from a place down the street, this outdoor patio table is what i had in mind. i got the idea from pinterest. i was planning on building this myself, but i was busy trying to finish up some other projects so my nice husband took over and made this in a couple hours (if that.) we got four caster wheels, some L brackets, wood screws, stain, and four 6 3/4 inch 4x4s. i wanted six inch posts, but i guess home depot can't cut shorter than 6 3/4??? at least that guy on that day couldn't cut them shorter. but no worries because the height is absolutely perfect for our brick porch. by the way, those bricks on our porch are reclaimed from old churches - kinda cool. and i'll need to update this post with a new picture because after building and staining the table my husband restained those chairs and refinished the cast iron - they look fabulous.
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