pattern weights

another project that i found on pinterest, and what a genius idea. i never thought of pattern weights before and i absolutely hate pinning my patterns down - so i never do and then my cuts are off which of course makes assembly difficult and wrong. i should have realized while watching project runway that they were using pattern weights and i did wonder what something mondo was using once, but i didn't think about it too hard and the moment passed. i saw a pin on pinterest where someone did this exact thing and i had to do it. the pin i saw used larger washers, but this size (i think they're an inch and a quarter) were what my hardware store had and i'm sure they'll work fine. i haven't used them yet, but i have a project to start in the next couple of weeks that will be much easier with these. i did look up the price of store bought pattern weights and they were insane at $16/4 pack! these are probably less than $10/10. i just wrapped embroidery floss around each washer and tied off - that simple. i cannot wait to try them, and they're so bright and colorful - i love that.
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