Carnival Birthday Shirts

last week, i showed you the skirt i made for alex to wear to her carnival themed birthday party http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2012/09/super-easy-carnival-skirt.html and here are the shirts i made for the party. i made one for all three of us, each slightly different. first i drew the ferris wheel on the computer. i used the ferris wheel to prep a screen for printing. i printed these shirts in a silver on black and dark grey - i couldn't find a shirt i liked for alex for the winter in a grey so hers is black (which actually works better with her skirt i think.) the silver turned out great on these dark colors. for john's shirt i left it at that - it's a dark grey shirt with a silver ferris wheel, nice and simple. for alex and mine, i embellished. when i was on the committee for our company picnic two years ago our theme was carnival. we had these great shirts that had a circus tent and since i was on the committee the back of the shirt said "carnie" on it and i had two shirts. so i recycled those shirts onto these. i cut out the pieces of the work shirts that i liked and were applicable (which left out almost all the nice text, but it didn't make sense for alex's birthday party.) so the pieces that were usable were the tent and the "carnie" lettering. i used light fabric glue to place the pieces to the new shirts and then i used embroidery floss to stitch around the edges. i also stitched around the star on the circus tent with the embroidery floss. i was so happy to be able to reuse those company picnic shirts for something fun :)
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