coin purse

check out this super cute coin purse i made. i love the oversized yellow bobbles on it and the vintage style floral fabric is great. i actually bought this as a kit from purlbee.com because one, i love the clasp and two, i wanted to learn how to attach a purse/wallet to one of these style of frames. the instructions are in japanese - i seem to always pick out kits and products that only come in japanese - however purlbee has links to translated instructions for you. i hand stitched the fabric pieces - that was part of my plan, i wanted a project that i could work on while vacationing. then there's a technique with a thin rope and glue and pliers to get the fabric fit into the frame. i did not do such an awesome job with actually putting it together, i should have taken it back apart and tried again. you can see some raw edges inside and the purse is slightly askew. i don't think you'll even notice these faults though once i have something inside the purse. and bonus with this kit is that there was plenty of leftover fabric that i used some to patch up a teddy bear, which turned out fun.
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