mummy nails

it is really hard to photograph your own nails, so this isn't such a great photo, but you get the idea. my friend shared a tutorial from someone else that made glow in the dark mummy nails and i wanted to try it. my white polish was so sheer that i ended up using OPI happy anniversary as my white, which is a very nice glittery pearlescent white. i didn't add glow in the dark because i was getting too many layers as it was. then i used revlon black lingerie as my black with a konad plate to make the weave print. i waited for it to dry and top coated, but i guess i should have waiting longer since all the black lines smeared. then i added googly eyes, just to my one thumbnail. i wish i had smaller googly eyes to us, but i had these and they are kind of funny. i just used clear polish as my glue to attach the googly eyes.
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