zombie plush set

i had so much fun creating these zombie dolls. i have two other sets of dolls like these that i will share at another time: a carnival set and a sasquatch and yeti pair. they are a simple cut 'n' sew fabric that you can buy on spoonflower. you could fill these with stuffing/polyfill, but i filled these with bean bag material. the fabric is kona cotton pre-washed. they're fun to toss around and right now i have them sitting up on our mantel with the rest of the halloween decorations - they fit right in. there's the woman with her pearls, the man with a stache, the ginger businessman and the cat. mine and alex's favorite is the ginger with his brains showing. i've also entered these into spoonflower's weekly contest this week - the theme was zombie plush. make sure you go sign up for a free account and vote for me here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/158Pinned Image
this is what the image will look like when voting, but you can vote for as many designs as you like. and if interested, buy it as a fabric, they're super easy to make.
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