Santa frame

at work, we had a secret crafty gift exchange this week. we all received a plain white 5x7 photo frame to do whatever we wanted to it. when done we put them all on a table, wrapped up, and when your name is picked out of the bag you go pick a gift. this is what i made. i painted the frame in a glittery candy cane striped design. then i printed a vintage music sheet of "Up on the House-Top" with a creepy little santa on the chimney smoking his pipe and i stitched on it. i like how it turned out, i might even have to craft one for myself. i chose a gift with fun rudolph wrapping paper and it turned out to be a couple of black and white photos, printed in the old school film method way a few decades ago by my friend. one is a photo of an old train station in Boston and the other is the Spanish aquaducts - i love them!
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