reversible peter pan collar

i love a good peter pan collar and just had to make one this weekend. it's super fast and super easy. you can find tons of patterns online to make one, or you can make your own pattern based on a shirt you already own. that's how i started alex's atomic betty costume collar - i drew a pattern from one of her shirts. i wanted to make one side of this plain white, but did not have any plain white fabric on hand. since this was on a whim i found these quarter yard pieces of houndstooth fabric that i designed and i have a collection of random buttons. i also happen to have a small selection of elastic, so i found a piece that is quite thin to use as my button holder. cut out your two pieces of fabric and a small loop of elastic. pin the loop of elastic to one corner facing in and with right sides together sew the two pieces of fabric together leaving an opening for turning. turn right side out, iron, and either whipstitch open seam closed or top stitch the entire collar. then sew on a button to each side and you're done. now you have a reversible peter pan collar that you can wear with whatever you chose.
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