birthday treats for school

remember how fun it was to bring cupcakes to all your friends at school to celebrate your birthday? i always loved that. well, i am not available to physically take all these treats to school so i have to send them with my kid. also, she needed to be able to bring treats to her daycare friends as well as her kindergarten friends. i can't very well send her to school carrying my big cupcake carrier and have her travel on the bus with that. so i went with the little bagged cookie route. her birthday was a carnival theme this year so i carried that thru to these treats. i got some vintage art circus themed wafer paper. they look kind of cool, but i don't think i will try using these wafer decorations again. first, you make your cookies, i made sugar cookies. you have to cut out all your wafer circles, paint them with corn syrup and place them on your cookies. let them sit face down for a bit and you're done. it was difficult to get the edges down, they wanted to curl up, and i just didn't like dealing with the corn syrup; i don't like sticky things. but they did look cute and tasted just fine. i packaged a cookie each per bag and taped on a glow bracelet. the glow bracelets are great, but there is a little anxiety that they will get there without being snapped already - especially when you send them on a bus with a six year old carrying them in her backpack.
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