red velvet cake pops

i've been wanting to make cake pops the real way for quite some time. so, when i made red velvet cakelets and they did not come out of the pan well i decided that was perfect. of course, mine did not turn out nearly as pretty as bakerella's creations, but they were delicious. basically, i took the remnants of the cakelets and finished crumbling them up. i mixed in some cream cheese frosting and rolled them into balls, then into the refrigerator. i started melting some pink vanilla chips that i had on hand. i dipped the lolly sticks in the vanilla and then into the cake balls and let those set in the refrigerator again. then i took the cake pops on the sticks and dipped them in the pink vanilla. that part did not go so smoothly, or pretty as you can see. it would take me a heck of a lot of practice to figure out how to make a smooth creation that i could turn into a character like so many people can do. but they're still cute, i topped them with sprinkles, and they were absolutely delicious.

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