sewing with tulle

i have never worked with tulle before and i have an upcoming project of sewing a couple of flower girl dresses. there are so many conflicting methods online about working with tulle that i decided i needed to practice before i jumped into sewing the dresses. so i started with making myself a fun little tulle skirt. i did not pre wash the tulle, i got it on a large roll. the hardest part for me is dealing with so much fabric at once and that it is very slippery when trying to cut. i grabbed a circle skirt of mine and used that as my general pattern template. i folded the tulle in quarters, i think, and layed the circle skirt on top and just cut. so what i ended up with was a large donut basically. i cut four of these donuts to layer. i used some fold over elastic and just cut it to waist size. i pinned all the layers of tulle to the elastic and sewed. then i folded over the elastic to cover the top raw edges of tulle and sewed that down. that was it! i did want to test if the bottom raw edge would fray or if i needed to serge that so i washed the skirt in the machine on high and there was absolutely no fraying or shrinkage. i do need to practice more sewing with elastic, i'm having trouble getting the hang of that, but otherwise the skirt was a success and is super fun. and excellent practice in working with tulle.
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