elastic hair ties

these elastic hair ties have been everywhere, and unless you make them yourself people are grossly overcharging for them. so i went the diy route and made a load of them as well as making headbands. i bought some fold over elastic online by the yard. i can't for the life of me remember where exactly i ordered from, but i got some fun neon and houndstooth and glitter and alex's favorite, glitter rainbow. i used some to make headbands with big flowers on them - alex has been wearing her rainblow glitter headband daily. and i made at least a dozen hair ties and still have elastic left over. the hair ties are beyond easy to make. i cut strips measured to 9.5 inches. then fold in half and tie a knot. and just seal your edges: you can use fray check if you'd like, but i just take a lighter and melt the ends a little. you don't need to actually touch the elastic with the flame just get close and you'll see it melt and you're good to go.
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