geometric decorations

for a recent bridal shower that i co-hosted, i made some fun geometric party decorations. in the top half of the photo are the origami beaded curtains i made. i stuck with the color theme of the wedding: peacock color palette with heavy teals. the paper for the origami beads was a small 1 inch x 1 inch square. then i strung them onto teal twine and hung them from bamboo skewers. i didn't get a good picture of them hanging up at the party around the tent; i was a little busy that day. they were really cute and had nice movement, but i just didn't have enough time to make enough strands for them to be impactful; they would have been a good amount for a dessert table backdrop or something. the other thing was keeping them from getting crushed before the party even started, they were extremely fragile. in the bottom half of the picture are drink stirrers that i made. i used wood paint pens to color sides of geometric beads that i then glued onto bamboo skewers. we used them to make some fruit kabobs which looked really great, but i would suggest treated/coating the beads before using them for service (water was just cleaning the paint right off.) so, both things were really cute, but could have been executed much better; lesson learned :)
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