lonnie's halloween costume: scooby tags

we are fans of scooby doo at our house, and lonnie has the right coloring to play the part (minus his white fur.) i thought about adding some scooby spots to him also, but i figure he'd sit down and rub the paint or make-up or whatever all over the couch and carpet. so i stuck with making him a scooby tag - quick and easy and i don't think it will bother him to wear it at all - and later if i find time i'll add the actual blue collar part. i made the tag out of sculpey clay. originally i was going to sew it with felt, but my friend aaron suggested clay - which was way faster than sewing would have been and i think it makes it more cartoony looking too. i formed the tag making sure to make a hole thru it for the metal loop, baked it, and coated the whole thing in a glossy glaze finish. i love it and now lonnie is all set for halloween.
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