the wedding ties

another thing i sewed for the wedding were the ties for the groom and groomsmen. i had never made ties before and i'm not sure i would care to make them every again, haha. actually, i can appreciate why ties are so freaking expensive now. i think they turned out nice and if i found the perfect fabric then i would probably make another tie for my husband. i also made pocket squares for all the men (significantly easier to create) out of the purple fabric, however i didn't seem to take any pictures of those. the other thing about making these ties was that since i didn't know what i was doing and was following a pattern i didn't know what the end result was going to be - they turned out to be a skinny tie of sorts (which i love), however they were a bit short for half the men (half the wedding party is over 6 feet tall.) so keep height in mind if you plan on creating ties for a group.
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