peyote stitch crystal choker

i was searching through my jewelry-making supplies last night looking for something to fix Alex's Glinda the good witch crown when i came across some jewelry that i made years ago. i have no idea why i had this sitting away in a tool box. i made this using peyote stitch and i attached that drop down tubular peyote stitch fit to hold the crystal (that john gave me years ago.) so i pulled out the necklaces i had found and let Alex pick one - she chose this one (it was the only one i found with a crystal) and she's so excited to wear it and show her friends. i haven't done any beadwork in years. it's hard when you have a baby and when you have cats; but my baby is pretty grown up (in fact, she asked me to show her how to make this necklace) and we don't have cats right now, so i should get back to it :)
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