chopping blocks

here's a diy from my husband: chopping blocks. last summer (or maybe two summers ago, i can't remember; must have been this past summer) while on holiday in canada, my husband and father-in-law had to take down a couple of trees. together they chopped the wood up and made a couple of slices that were around 3 inches thick. now i don't remember the exact process; this was my husband's project afterall. he peeled off the bark and then spent hours and hours sanding tops and bottoms until they were completely smooth. then he spent months getting them to dry properly. in order for that to happen we bought this product called pentacryl. it's a stain like liquid (doesn't add color) that helps the wood dry without cracking. you have to paint or soak the blocks with this pentacryl several times over about a six month time period. after this was done he gifted them as presents at christmas. they turned out lovely and i think now they just need to be oiled periodically with use.
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