beanie who?

i designed some more doctor who fabric! here http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2931192 you can buy a quarter yard of fabric to make your own beanie who set. you can also buy each one separately instead of a set on a swatch of fabric each at separate links on spoonflower in my shop http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/kfay they're really easy to make. right on the fabric it tells you where to cut and where to sew. i enjoy hand stitching these guys and that goes rather quickly, but you could always sew them up on a machine. i filled them with those plastic crafting beads to make them more like bean bags, but you could fill them with polyfill for a plush set. as bean bags, they're really fun to play with and toss around. my daughter loves to set them up in a scene. her favorite is the silence and she's itching for me to make amy and rory dolls next. and then star wars. in this set on a quarter of fabric you get: the eleventh doctor, the tardis, cyberman, the silence, a weeping angel, and a red dalek. you can choose to give them bottoms or leave them without which would make them more of a bean bag. the bottoms have difference phrases or words to go with each like: "geronimo" and "don't blink"
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