alex and i built terrariums last week! i absolutely do not have a green thumb; alex and john are my resident gardeners. but i like terrariums and they are more resilient than other gardens (although i have managed to kill bamboo and cactus before which i hear is kind of hard to do.) we shall see how long i can keep these alive. we made three different terrariums. i bought my jars over time from different sources like joann's and online and such. i also bought the little figures and such over time from different sources. then i bought the rocks and charcoal and soil and moss as a kit and i bought a few succulents and a violet for the largest jar. for the scenery figures we had some zombies for the largest jar, a tardis for the tall skinny jar (the tardis lights up, but the switch is on the bottom so we probably won't ever get to it again), and a deer and ladybug and plastic trees for the little mason jar. i created the zombie and tardis terrariums while alex built the deer one. first were the rocks, then the charcoal, and soil. then i planted the succulents and the violet to the large jar and then (water soaked) moss to all three jars. after they were all planted we added our figures. they're supposed to be easy to take care of, but as i say that i realize i haven't checked all week on them to make sure they're wet enough! haha, i'll try to remember tonight :)
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