ping pong paddle taxidermy

the main part of our lettering trend group's gallery show was ping pong paddle art. we each made at least one ping pong paddle piece and then we filled out the gallery with whatever artwork we wanted to contribute: i made those concrete ampersands. there's some really nice paddles in the show with beautiful lettering and painting and illustrations. i made plush taxidermy deer with my paddles! i named them too: isi and ofra. i cut the paddles to be a little more crest shaped and then painted in a cartoony wood grain look. with bakeable clay i made their name plates and glued those on to the handles. i hand stitched the deer using felt, polyfil, and their eyes and noses are those plastic safety eyes and noses. and i mounted them with screws, cardboard ovals, and hot glue. i think they're cute and they sold on the first day of the show :) yay (thank you, elizabeth.)
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