doodled shoes

i finally made a pair of doodled shoes. i have been wanting to do this forever and i've had those white shoes for years and just never got started. i couldn't decide what to draw. also, i had bought alex a pair of the natural colored toms for the art bin for our cabin vacation. i always pack a big bin of arts and activities and surprises for our vacation in canada - alex always is looking for arts and crafts to do and that's on a sunny weather day; if it rains for a week straight i need lots of activities to keep her from going stir-crazy. so we had fabric paint out one day at the cabin because we were freezer paper stenciling shirts and i decided on a whim to pull out our shoes to put down a layer of color before our doodles. alex's favorite color is green so of course she chose that and i'm a big fan of neon :). we let the paint dry and then just started drawing on them with fine-point sharpies. alex drew a picture of our dog and wrote all sorts of words about friends and family - very cute. i went with a sunflower theme and just doodled flowers everywhere there was paint (i did not cover the shoes in yellow - the heels are still white and a little of the sides.) i like how they turned out and i'm happy that i finally went ahead and started them. now i'm too scared to wear mine!
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