more ampersands

i've been busy doing all sorts of things and a lot of things i just can't post about - they'll be presents or they're not done and so forth. so instead of something brand new, here's some more ampersands that i've been making (and my favorite coffee mug in the corner.) my first ampersand mold broke - the top hole ripped out of the mold. you can see a few ampersands in the picture where the top hole is filled in. i got a few made that way and painted in that top piece - i like the look. and i made a new mold. this one is a double mold so i can make twice as many, but it didn't turn out quite as deep. they're still cool, but not quite as sturdy as the original set. but they still stand and they can hang out on a shelf or desk just fine. i tried some different colors and paints this time, but mostly had some yellow orders to fill. the black one is actually plastidip, which i've been wanting to play with but hadn't gotten around to it. i don't have one pictured here that i made completely black with plastidip (by accident.) i was dipping that one and dropped it so i went all in and covered the whole thing in black. also you can't really see the one with the top hole painted in red (actually it's glitter red) has the back section (not bottom) dipped in red which i think turned out nice - that's the one i kept for myself and is sitting on my shelf.
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