snowflake hair pins

alex is going to be elsa for halloween this year (probably along with every other little girl in the world.) we got a great dress from disney on sale already (although i took off the stupid medallion of elsa on the costume.  i don't really think if you're dressed up like the character that you should have a picture of the character on the actual dress.) i just bought some glitter toms on ebay for her to wear; they are the perfect shade of glitter and they will be really comfortable for her to trick-or-treat in (much better for her than those dress up shoes, which she'd end up complaining about.) she just had to have the gloves too, even though elsa doesn't wear the gloves once she's wearing the blue gown, but hey, it's cold in october so why not. alex keeps going back and forth on whether or not she wants to wear a wig, but she has been growing out her hair so she can donate it when it's long enough, so i bet we can get an elsa braid with her natural hair. once elsa is the snow queen she has that big side braid and it's filled with snowflakes, so i decided that's where i can customize alex's costume a little. so i found some small silicone molds of various snowflakes and made a bunch of resin snowflakes. i just used clear resin and mixed in irridescent glitter. i think they turned out fabulous. i then glued them to miniature bobby pins (colored for blonde hair.) i made a whole bunch of them so now we can braid her hair and put snowflakes all over her head. and we got tickets for frozen on ice, so i told her she can wear the full costume again when we go to that :)
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