secret santa work stocking exchange

every year for our work holiday luncheon, we create a craft of some sort. then wrap it up anonymously and exchange. we've done ornaments and frames thus far and this year we made stockings. i didn't take a picture of the original natural colored canvas stocking, but you can see a little in the bottom image (it's basically the lining of my stocking.) i started by gathering supplies that i already had at home and went from there. i hand beaded all the snowflakes onto grey felt - i made those while playing passenger on a car trip. i then stitched my snowflakes onto this beautiful silk teal fabric (leftover from the flower girl dresses i made last year.) then i added some crazy fur trim - that matched beautifully with the grey felt. then i stitched the outer stocking to the original canvas stocking liner. my favorite part is the label that says "this took forever" - haha, i got those on etsy and i plan to add those to most of my handmade goody gifts. i think it turned out alright and i think the girl who ended up with my stocking likes it. i picked out a wonderful stocking with an illustration of Yukon Cornelius from rudolph.
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