new nephew gift set #2

a couple weeks ago i showed you a very hungry caterpillar sleep sack and cap that i made for my new nephew: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2015/01/new-nephew-gift-1-very-hungry.html and here's the set i gave when he was actually born. i hand lettering and screenprinted 3 onesies for him. we're in ohio hence the locally grown design: i think that's my favorite one. although i thought i was pretty funny making the "full of shits and giggles" - haha get it? babies are full of shits and giggles :) and then there's the "i wake up awesome" which is just fun (it could have printed better; the fine lines didn't work great, but i still like the design.) and i made him another crocheted cap - this one is sized for a one year old though so he can get to it when he's bigger. i thought it was a fun hat, but let me tell you before you venture into making one that those fringe are a pain in the ass. they aren't hard to do, but they took forfreakingever. i seriously almost gave up several times because i just did not enjoy making the mohawk part. but i did it, it's cute, and i added one of those awesome "this took forever" labels on the inside. i love those labels (got them on etsy) and i am going to be adding them to almost everything from now on :)

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