Star Wars Paint By Number

Alex and I started some paint by number projects earlier this year. I found her some downloadable beginner print by number pieces. They're super cute and still in progress; I will definitely show those pictures soon. I got myself some advanced versions of the downloadables that go with Alex's sets. I also set out to find some geeky ones for long term projects for myself. I was looking to find some Doctor Who, but I didn't really find any that I liked yet. I might draw my own and print some on canvas paper. I did however find some awesome Star Wars paint by number. I found this old kit (circa 70s i believe) in its original packaging and sealed on eBay cheap. the paints are all dried up so I'm just using them as reference. I've been painting bits on this after Alex and I do a color on our smaller paint projects. I think this one might take me until I'm 90 to finish, but so far i'm loving it.
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