alice in wonderland inspired necklaces

so, i love alice in wonderland and have been waiting for a long time to see the tim burton version in theatres. in honor of the movie i wanted to make a necklace to wear. also, my daughter is going to be alice in wonderland this year for halloween (her blonde hair and blue eyes are perfect for the part) so i wanted to make her an accessory for her costume as well. i found some of those little jewelry making bottles, printed out a couple of "drink me" papers. i prepped those papers with a couple layers of mod podge glue and just dropped them in the bottles. then i filled them with resin (i attempted to dye the resin a light blue using enamel since that's what i had on hand, but the enamel sank to the bottom and kind of separated from the resin. but it looks sort of neat so it turned out to be a happy mistake). then for my necklace i just macramed a chain and for my daughter's necklace i actually used a chain that was originally from a clothing label that i kept.
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