st. patrick's day treasure hunt

           Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!
st. patrick's day is kind of a hard to understand holiday for little ones. my three year old is always asking if halloween is soon. as i was trying to explain to her what st. patrick's day was about (which was getting me nowhere), my husband thought of the brilliant idea of a treasure hunt. i made up this map where she has to follow the rainbow trail to all the stops to find the treasure at the end. since she is three and knows her letters but certainly isn't capable of reading clues, i decided to make the clues symbolic pictures that she would know exactly where and what they meant. at each stop was a satchel of chocolate coins and the final treasure was a yahtzee jr. game. the treasure hunt itself was such a hit with her that she wanted to do more and we had to reenact the whole event over again.

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