kim's baby shower gifts

my friend kim is about to have her first baby in a month! we just had her baby shower for her at work last friday and all the gifts from me were home-made. she doesn't know if she's have a boy or a girl yet, so i tried to keep everything neutral. first, i screen printed her some onesies. i have a yudu (which is a screen printing tool that makes the photo-emulsion process a lot easier) and i love it. i was able to design all these on the computer and print them out in black on a transparency and then use my yudu to prepare the screen and print them onto the onesies. kim seemed to like them, i think the baby p and the copyright 2010 were possible favorites. and then i also crocheted the monkey for her using a pattern from "Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli. Amigurumi is a super fun and easy form of crocheting and I just love Ana's patterns. i think the monkey went over well too.  
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