refinishing the dollhouse: part 1

when i was little, my parents made me this dollhouse. as you can tell i played with it a lot, and really beat up on it. my daughter has been playing with the house also for a couple of years and believe me she played hard with it. so, as you can see it's really broken down and dirty. all the fabric is really dirty and beyond repair, there are missing and broken windows, the grass flocking is all rubbed off, flooring is missing, the electrical work is old and damaged and the list goes on and on. so finally, i got started on my plans to update and refinish the entire dollhouse with the help of my 3 year old (who at the moment really only seems to care if the lights work - which at the moment is a no). yesterday i started the tedious task of ripping out all the insides and starting to clean the entire house. i spent about 5 hours working on this step and here are the photos showing how far i got (the top photos are starting photos and the below photos are after step 1)...

quite an improvement already i think. i can't wait to see what new paint does. as you can see i am just not going to be able to get every bit of wallpaper out of the house, but i think it's stripped enough that i can paint right over what is there. next step: electrical work.
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