modular origami flowers

i've been away on vacation for the past couple of weeks, and had no access to the internet!! well, i could have travelled to the library to utilize their wifi, which i considered, but when the weather is that nice you just don't leave the lake side. on that note, i had all these rainy day crafts planned (because you just never know if you're going to have a week straight of rain or sun, warm or cold...), but we had such beautiful weather that we hardly created any art. we did do some rock and stick painting that we'll turn into finished projects later. and since it was so warm, crocheting wasn't really appealing to me, so mostly i read and did some origami. i've been folding away working towards making these modular flowers that will group together to make a large modular ball that i plan to use as decoration at my daughter's birthday party at the end of the year. five sheets of paper make one flower and it takes 12 flowers to make one ball. i'm hoping to make 3 balls to decorate the party: a black and white one, a pink and green one, and a polka-dot one. at least that's the plan, right now i'm just folding, i'll assemble later. 
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