shoe project: pair 1

i bought seven pairs of plain different colored china doll cotton shoes and am planning on experimenting with each pair.  this is the first pair that i've made. first of all, for alex's 4th birthday party (months and months away) the theme is an alice in wonderland tea party and i'm supposed to be the red queen. these are going to be my red queen shoes, the fabric on the flowers is the same fabric that i am using for my skirt. so first thing i did with these shoes was to try to screenprint a houndstooth white print on them. i've never tried screenprinting shoes before, it wasn't awesome. but then i took a black sharpie and outlined some of the pattern and i think that saved it - i don't mind it looking rough and unfinished, that's kind of the look i'm going for. when i tried ironing in the screenprint (not that i plan on running in the rain or snow in these but still wanted to try to set them a little) the white seemed to soak in a little and fade but that's ok. then i cut out circles of skirt fabric in sheer red, black and white polka dot and yellow stripe (which you can't see in this photo) and used a red button to make flowers to embellish each shoe. overall, i like how they turned out and i think they'll look super cute with my red queen skirt once i actually make that.
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